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Shared hosting or my own VPS?


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I've got a few sites up and running these days and they all work on Shared Hosting from a few different hosts. But I've heard that running the sites on a VPS would be better and cheaper and not too much bother to install what you need. What I have seems to manage alright, for now, but I'm wondering at what point I should consider upgrading?
Going from shared webhosting to a VPS seems like an easy transition, but unless you buy a fully managed VPS it will be a very different animal.

Your shared webhosting provider manages the system configuration, software installation and updates (PHP, MySQL, Exim, cPanel, etc), server security including abuse such as phishing and spam, and a lot more. You will need to take over all these unless you use a managed provider or purchase third party server management for an additional fee.
To add to Trel's excellent explanation, if you are also used to using a control panel with your shared hosting, that is no longer free on a VPS. cPanel, for example, costs extra. There is no way you can get a VPS cheaper than shared hosting, at least not high-quality VPSs.
I guess one way to save money in your case would be to host your sites on the same shared account with add-on domains. If your websites get very popular and you can afford a managed vps that's when you should move. But don't expect to save money when moving from shared hosting to a vps.

Unlike in shared hosting there is no restrictions on vps. You can have your own software, settings on it. But if sites are growing then I doubt that vps would be reliable solution.
If you ready to pay some extra amount then dedicated server would be better option than vps.
Did you face any hosting security problem , downtime, existing of bandwidth and space usage.
If you do not face it then no bother about it and stay with your current hosting while i don't think share hosting is expensive than VPS.
You may think of cloud that work pretty well than VPS.
You need to be sure that you need VPS. In any case you know that some VPS (check lowendbox) can do you VPS which are cheaper then most shared plans.
But you need to have a reason for upgrade. If everything is fine on your current VPS - relax.
to explain this easy , it is a nice question but still a hard to answer question

first of all it depends what you do
do you got custom mods installed ?? ( like mp4 pseudostreaming ?? )
do you want to improve security ??
do you use a lot of space or cpu/ram ??

so first see what you use before going to a vps

after you got that part , then we take the next step

are you willing to learn the basic of apache and other stuff ?? (working/failing and learning it that way ?? or getting the basic first and then you can see how it goes)

if those are yes , then a vps is not a bad solution , because it depends on your settings if you can get your site working or not
a wrong setting means a high cpu/ram usage and mostlikely a breakdown of your vps

a vps is good for full control or when your site get a bit overpowered ( 1mill vieuws on a month like ipboys ... that was a heavy dedicated that i needed to place for that... proxy .. )

but if you just got a few sites , and you do not know how to manage your server , leave it at a webhost to be sure

so to make it in short

full control -> vps
mutch traffic -> vps
high cpu/ram -> vps
custom installs -> vps

anything else -> webhost

Greetings From PowerChaos
You can start firstly from Shared Hosting, then when you had many sites, let's upgrade to VPS. :) This is very famous way to help you save money.
Are you currently having problems with your shared accounts?

If you are with a good host then you shouldn't have problems with speed etc.

Unless your sites have outgrown shared hosting, but I'm sure your host will tell you at that point. Have you considered getting a reseller account with one host? Will allow you to manage all your sites under one interface and will save you the extra hassle a VPS will bring.

Of course having a VPS has its advantages but have you put into consideration the extra costs(as as VPS costs you will have license costs) and work that it may need?
It is good to have all your accounts hosted on one VPS. However you will have management costs for the virtual server. You should not leave it withou system administration!
I would recommend you to find shared hosting first, but you need to find the reliable one. And then, if you have high traffic later, you can upgrade it to VPS. :)
A fully managed VPS will be best for you and also just dont stop there and once you got enough resources go for a full fledge dedicated server even a core2duo as you will see a major difference in performance from a VPS to a dedicated server too and a VPS is a very good and important upgrade from a shared hosting
Since, you have multiple sites I would recommend you to opt for a fully managed vps hosting solution. With VPS, you would be able to manage your multiple sites efficiently along with an adequate amount of server resources would be available if a sudden spike strikes you. Also, you get the flexibility to install/uninstall any kind of third party software's and applications. Overall, get a better control over your web hosting server environment.
In your situation I'd go with share hosting which allows multiple domains, or a reseller account which can give generous amounts of disk and bandwidth, allowing you to keep all your accounts in 'separate' containers as such, while still under the one account. Makes it easy for backing up and moving sites if need be.

Reseller accounts don't need to be expensive, though a good host will save you headaches over a VPS.