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Your signiture?

He must re-use his material alot, coz he used that on the Melbourne Comedy gala the other week, and you have had that sig for as long as I can remember you.
yes, i watched that, and i remember him saying that joke, needless to say, i still laughed >.>
ezForum said:
Well mine is just ads and then the "Most hated on FWS" cause a lot of people give me bad reputation points, thanks guys, I <3 you!
You take pride in that. :rolleyes:
Blank Verse said:
Vegans, like battered wives are inferior subjects. That's my Gayowulfesque comment for the day.

Oh...right. spam and immortalizing Mel Brooks.

and yeah, ezforum, you are kind of a twat.

Thanks Blank Verse <3

(Edit; Just saw your post LeX)

Someone has to pirate2
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Blank Verse said:
and yeah, ezforum, you are kind of a twat.


Nice. On a side note who was it who was talking about entensity forums?

EZ you are busting the four line limit bud. I guess Blank is right?
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You'll come to learn that I'm always right.

For instance, I'm right when I say that Gayo was the one talking about entensity.
All comedians repeat routines -
heck I saw one on rove; then at my local club - exact same routine 4 months later.
Daves just seen more often.

(Snakes alive.., hehe)
What's even more annoying is people give the same interview for every appearance they do on their publicity tour. By the time they do their 4th appearance, you can talk along with them.
Hoth said:
I'd speculate it's because Vegans tend to be humorless and toward the stupid side.

As for my sig, more obvious spam at the moment.

I guess I'm stupid and humourless... :confused4 :rolleyes2
PETA = People for the Eating of Tasty Animals

and you can't deny that, just like you can't deny TWAT = The War Against Terrorism