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Free Website for Non Profit Organizations

Free website for non-profit organizations around Northern California.

5 MB free web space for Christian non-profits and churches. Browser upload, ASP, guestbook and counter. Your URL will be "".

For non profit organizations serving the deaf community. CGI-BIN, FTP and 5 MB of space. No ads. You will also get a pop email account. Counter and form mail script. Your organizations web address will be

Gentle Ministries
5 MB or more free webspace for churches and Christian ministries. CGI. You are not allowed to have commercial banner ads on your pages.

25 MB free space for certified non profit organizations. 500 MB data transfer limit per month. You URL will be A InfoTeam Corporation logo with a link will be added to the bottom of your home page for free accounts.

You can get chat rooms, bulletin boards and photo albums here, but you can't really customize the look of your online created pages. For families, clubs and organizations.

Free hosting with your own .com domain name, 25MB, e-mail, full cgi-bin support, MS Frontpage, fast OC-3 backbone and instant setup.

5 MB, FTP Upload. Malaysia.Your page will get the address

For non profit organizations in Texas.


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