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  1. J

    How can the do this?

    I'd say it's pretty legit. They just lowered the pricing to get you to sign-up. Sure, they might loose a few buck the first three months, but after that I'm sure they turn a profit. I'd say it's a good deal for the money, and BurstNET it pretty good.
  2. J

    I need a host

    I recommend http://www.mybudgethost.com. They have great uptime stats, really helpful support (Vinay rocks), and good features for the price. Check them out!
  3. J

    Can I be a mod-erator?

    Don't worry. I emailed Peo when these new forums first came out about being a Moderator (I'm a Moderator at 4 other forums, have the skills, so I think I'm qualified), and never even got a reply. So at least you got farther than me :)
  4. J


    I actually think allowing 3+ letter extensions was a good idea. I mean, .info is a good extension, and it's 4 letters long. I think .inf or .nfo would have been crappy.
  5. J

    Your TLD

    I probably would have gone with .web as well, but wouldn't have givin it to WebTLD. They have problems. Another one I would have considered is .stuff just for regular people.
  6. J

    Free Domain Name

    Whoops, sorry, meant to be http://www.registerfree.com.
  7. J

    What the best place to register a domain name? (cheapest too) need to know ASAP!!!!!!

    http://www.powerpipe.com offers domain names for $8.88 a year. I've used them once, and they seemed to work great. Recommended!
  8. J

    Free Domain Name

    http://www.registerfree.com still gives out free domain names periodically throughout the day. Just check out their website every few hours and one day you're bound to come upon it. [Edited by Justin S on 01-31-2001 at 03:28 PM]
  9. J


    It's hard, but it can be done. I created everything I needed in about 2 hours after reading ALL the documentation, then correcting the email each time it was returned with errors. If you just read everything carefully it can be done.
  10. J

    Money Order Domains

    I believe http://www.onestop.net will accept money orders as a form of payment. I know http://www.domainsbycheck.com will accept check (and probably money order if you ask them), but they are a little expensive at $29.95 per year.
  11. J


    Yeah, the TLD is .museum for Museums. Sure, it's good for Museums, but that industry is so small it doesn't really do anything. They fit better under .org anyway. Oh well... I think .info will be the most popular new TLD. Just a hunch I have, I guess. Hopefully we'll be able to find out...
  12. J

    Wow...another one for register.com

    I just hope they have another "$1/domain for a year" deal...
  13. J

    Since domainzero died, i need a new domain host

    DomainZero hasn't "died," they've just reconstructed their business plan. If you registered the domain through them, then just sign into the control panel like you normally would.
  14. J

    where can you reg. a .cx domain at?

    Right now you can't register .CX domains because just recently the .CX Registry was reconstructed. You can read more about it at http://www.nic.cx .
  15. J

    what do It takes to be moderator?

    No, actually I think NC_TOM has been a moderator since vB was installed. Correct me if I'm wrong...