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Bidvertiser - Fraud or not?

Discussion in 'Ad Revenue' started by X3r0X, May 2, 2005.

  1. X3r0X

    X3r0X New Member


    I want to hear any comments from you if you have been using Bidvertiser. I want to hear from people who have/havn't received payments from them and I want to know if they are prompt or slack about their payments, please :)

    They pay the best so I want to use them naturally but I have been hearing bad things about them and I want to sort everything out :)

  2. i dont think
  3. HostMyBB.org

    HostMyBB.org New Member

    I havn't been paid yet, but I think they are really good.
  4. pdrucker

    pdrucker New Member

    i've been having the same wearyness, has anyone actually been paid by them?
  5. netaxis

    netaxis b& b&

    compare to bidvertiser / google

    which one is good
  6. HostMyBB.org

    HostMyBB.org New Member

    Well I havn't used it long enough.

  7. pdrucker

    pdrucker New Member

    bidvertiser pays way more but i still dont know if they will actually pay
  8. xXBladeXx

    xXBladeXx New Member

    i heard from peoples comments its a scam ><
  9. freak127

    freak127 New Member

    When I was about to be paid by them my account was suddenly banned for some unknown reason.
    I wouldn't use them again.
  10. ricky123

    ricky123 New Member

    it is really stupid , the amount they pay is really less,
  11. anubishides

    anubishides New Member

    Beware of BIDVERTISER

    I was fooled by the beautiful design, easy to use website,
    earned 450 bucks in 3 days, and account TERMINATED for no reason, and no warning.
  12. y01tzkev

    y01tzkev New Member

    It's been 1 - 2 months I've reached the payout rate and I haven't been paid.

    Google Adsense is the best, hands down except they require tax information.
  13. .Joe.

    .Joe. Yours Truly NLC

    Yeah, I don't know. I'm deciding to not to use BidVertiser anymore, I'm just currently testing it out again. Because, I reached 27.68$ in ad. money, but then when I logged into my account the next day all the cash was gone, and I wasn't allowed to payout, and the payout wasn't made. So, it kind of messed me up.
  14. bryceton

    bryceton New Member

    bidvertiser paid me a few times before paid me approx($25)
    but this was a few months ago
  15. .Joe.

    .Joe. Yours Truly NLC

    Oh, in my other post I forgot to mention. The reason why I'm still deciding whether to use it or not is because they've paid me before, before my recent payments were lost. I recieved around 35$ from them. But, my other like 25$+ was lost.
  16. James-A

    James-A Active Member

  17. themoose

    themoose Sup, Recoil here. NLC

    Bidvertiser pays out, it's just ----. It takes you like 18 clicks to get what Google would get you in 1 click, and furthermore it takes longer as they aren't targeted.

    $450 in 3 days on Bidvertiser?? Sounds like some mass-clicking going on.
  18. Brandon

    Brandon New Member

    Tight TOS? Yes
    Scam? No, if you follow the TOS, you won't get suspended :p
  19. mattie005

    mattie005 New Member

    Bidvertiser are a rip. I reached $10 in a payment month and they took it away from me saying i click ads too much. Thats just an excuse.
  20. phoenix_

    phoenix_ New Member

    For me i would say abit of both
    Why? Because they're slow on seeing the owner's click their own ads
    and if you don't you might be suspended for no reason
    And around payout time they would normally make an excuse and not pay

    Overall i would say they're bad

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