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Bidvertiser - Fraud or not?

Discussion in 'Ad Revenue' started by X3r0X, May 2, 2005.

  1. Peo

    Peo Administrator Staff Member Admin

    I tried Bidvertiser last month on a site and earned a whopping 0 cents in a week.
  2. Jan

    Jan Forum Cleaner NLC

    Don't spend it all at once :lol:
  3. engineerroy2008

    engineerroy2008 New Member

    Bidvertiser pays only for clicks and that also valid clicks ( they decide which is valid which is not but mostly it will be wrong) never go for bidvertiser for that you can use other networks
  4. SyntheticChaos

    SyntheticChaos New Member

    I use Bidvertiser almost a year ago and they were amazing. The $10 minimum payout was at the time awesome when I was using it on a small website.
  5. engineerroy2008

    engineerroy2008 New Member

    Just willing to check this, no offense, what sort of site you used Bidvertiser, is it forum, blog or any other site? normally Bidvertiser pays less compared to others, do you use any other provider to compare this ? We tried a lot to use Bidvertiser in all possible ways to increase revenue but not worked out
  6. CrumX

    CrumX New Member


    You made the impossible thing possible... I was LOLing around when I heard you get $450 in 3 days...

  7. WebComm

    WebComm New Member


    I just signed with BidVertiser. It seems okay since it's logging how my referral program is going. I have a free 20 dollars to advertise with and it will probably last me a few days. There isn't any money in the account apart from a free 20 dollars. Hopefully their site is legitamate and isn't a scam.
  8. WebComm

    WebComm New Member


    The site looks legitimate and I have signed up today and seen my referral reports work. I haven't earnt anything yet, but I'm sure they should pay out in small amounts.
  9. .Bobby

    .Bobby New Member

    LOL'ed! Had a good laugh with those two quotes.

    Anyway, on topic, it all boils down to whether you violate any of their Terms of Service. I once thought that "ah.. TOS, just another whole load of bull----". But, if you actually follow them, and keep within your needs, you will get your payouts. If you don't, well, sue them.
  10. cahaya-mata

    cahaya-mata New Member

    actually, i love adsense than bidvertiser...
  11. AgentComsin

    AgentComsin New Member

    I wouldn't say they're fraud...just a crapped down version of Adsense. They pay a -lot- less than adsense so why do you use them?
  12. snowflakegirl

    snowflakegirl New Member

    Bidvertiser fraud

    I too have joined the ranks of the recently booted for no reason - and - of course no payment issued to me either.

    I think these guys have figured it out. Publisher fraud!
    String new publishers along for short periods of time so the money won't be worth the time to cause a big enough stink, falsely accuse the publisher of wrongdoing, keep the money the advertisers have paid for the publishers to run on their sites, repeat hundreds or thousands of times and what a wad of dough they reep from the sucker publishers. Pay a few suckers to keep the benefit of doubt alive...Oh, and live out of the country so the long arm of the law can't touch them...

    The FBI does investigate Internet Fraud.

    Maybe it's time to start filing complaints.


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