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Bidvertiser - Fraud or not?

Discussion in 'Ad Revenue' started by X3r0X, May 2, 2005.

  1. Yun

    Yun New Member

    Robert, are you sure you logged in with "Publisher" settings?

    I made that mistake and thought I couldn't login, and figured that out myself.
  2. Robert

    Robert NLC NLC

    Yea! I tried both Publisher and Advertiser. To add to my already growing anger about the service, their canned responses to me kept telling me to make sure I was logging under the appropriate category.

    I even asked them to reset the password, they refused.
  3. Cam.

    Cam. Pro NLC

    I was a displayer of ads for bidvertiser when I ran a free hosting company. I had 50 customers displaying ads, and after 2 weeks and 300GB traffic, I had $0 bidvertiser credit and 0 clicks. I find this very hard to believe don't you?
  4. NevuxBB

    NevuxBB New Member

    My friend never reached over 9.99 ROTFL fraud as hell.
  5. i have receive payment from bidvertiser 2 time once 13$ and then 43$. but i want to say that bidvertiser is froud becouse when you get 10 click from visitor it will show only 2 click but it will pay you
  6. Richard

    Richard CRM Consultant Premium Member

    If you get clicks too quickly, they will suspend your account or not count all the clicks, its a simple as that.

    As I have already said, Fraud, stay WELL away.
  7. Gamer4u

    Gamer4u New Member

    I've been paid $40 so far. 4 payments, next coming soon :D
  8. MT_dead-eye_91

    MT_dead-eye_91 New Member

    Not fraud, just got paid 10 bucks.
  9. iBrightDev

    iBrightDev Jay Street NLC NLC

    adengage sucks too. i havent even made $10 with them over the past like 6 months. i had adsense not even one full week, and already made $30. that is low for a lot of people, but, just started the site. i would just go with adsense if i was you.
  10. Calinax

    Calinax New Member

    I don't know what're the stats now, but about 2 years ago, I did tried them on my forums. earned about $1 a day or so, compared with Google Adsense, its more than 10x of what bidvertiser pays.

    Along with this, I left bidvertiser with $35 credit, and was never paid. Still waiting, if they do remember me.
  11. kjavia795

    kjavia795 New Member

    personally i was banned, but my friend actually got paid! very recently too! AND he had fraud clicks... LOL i dont recommend bidvertiser
  12. john874

    john874 New Member

    I would say that Google Adsense is way better than bidvertiser. Bidvertiser doesn't even come close to it. But then that's just me and others have different opinions.
  13. Triggersworld

    Triggersworld New Member

    Oh , i hope its not a scam , i really dont want to be terminated as i reach the payout amount. When i was with google they terminated my account at 100 pounds as i was to recieve a cheque. I really dont want it to happen again!!
  14. jiehao85

    jiehao85 ORiN NLC

    In my opinion, Bidvertiser is not fraud. However, they have a weird and strict way of counting clicks and traffic. I have never been successful with them. Many pro bloggers recommends them but I am not quite one of them. My comparison between the Adsense and Bidvertiser brought me to the conclusion that Bidvertiser is practicing a very strict policy of click and traffic recognition. Their support replies always look a bit canned to me and don't quite get anything solved for me. If you are with Adsense, stick with Google. Bidvertiser is not the best choice for most.
  15. I've used adsense, bidvertiser and adbrite. While adsense and adbrite are still going strong, bidvertiser copped out a year ago.

    No response to my emails, nothing. Now you tell me if adsense (they're bloody strict!!) doesnt bleat about my advertising methods, why should bidvertiser? (not a question)

    Not sure if they're fraud or not, but I was terminated for no good reason.

    I say if it looks canned, CAN IT!
  16. feroxltd

    feroxltd New Member

    I got paid today. However, Bidvertiser pays a lot less than Adwords, so I've changed back.
  17. htmlbrain0

    htmlbrain0 New Member

    I haven't reached the payout with them, but not far to go. I'll soon find ut if they are fraud or not
  18. hrsinnovations

    hrsinnovations New Member

    Victim of Bidvertiser fraud

    i had earned a very small amount only ( 13 dollars) from bidvertiser in one whole year. Inspite of that, Bidvertiser didnt pay me. When the payment became due, my account was terminated with the following message:

    " Dear ,
    We are sorry to inform you that our editorial team has found that your site is not qualified to be part of our network.

    Reason for termination:

    Please understand that we can not accept every site as we are obligated for a certain level of quality in order to provide the best service and traffic to our advertisers.

    We would kindly ask you to remove any BidVertiser HTML code from your website ASAP. "

    In that case, why the hell did they accept my registration in the first place? Please forward this message to everybody bcoz its true. Dont be cheated by bidveriser. They will take your website for a ride and use you and pay nothing.

  19. aifba

    aifba New Member

    The reputation of bidvertiser is not at all good.
    They maximum do frauds and pay very few and so very less inorder to show that they are legit.
    Do spread the news "Bidvertiser is 100% fraud"
  20. Jan

    Jan Forum Cleaner NLC

    If they pay some people, how can they be 100% fraud?

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