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Bidvertiser - Fraud or not?

Discussion in 'Ad Revenue' started by X3r0X, May 2, 2005.

  1. anubishides

    anubishides New Member

    Man, at least you guys got paid. I read the TOS, I make sure I do nothing wrong, never clicked my own ads - I just get alot of traffic. I guess they don't like guys that earn TOO much money, and think of a reason to terminate their accounts and keep our earnings. I earned so much money withen a short span of time and then they terminated my account and sent me this:


    So if you have alot of traffic, don't go for BidVertiser. I assume they'll still pay you if you make small amounts, I don't know. Regardless if you have high traffic or not, there is still so many complaints about BidVertiser, and I wish I would have done more research before I signed up and wasted my time. Someone even hates this company with such a passion that they had to make a site dedicated to hating it. Now thats funny.

    - Anubis
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2006
  2. sa7li1968

    sa7li1968 New Member

    this exactly what made to me adsense Today :tired2: all banditos
  3. JJH35

    JJH35 New Member

    they paid me for my first round of payments $44 or so
  4. sa7li1968

    sa7li1968 New Member

    plz look at this

    is this normal for bidvertiser

    $0.25 for 10 clicks ?? I just subscribed today

    this is very bad if we compare it with google adsense
  5. Jovial

    Jovial New Member

    i got $0.33 for 9 clicks
    better as i dont have a business bank acc
    i dont want to mix it with personal acc
  6. Gigarocket

    Gigarocket UFO Hunter NLC

    Bidvertiser have been good with me, Never had a late payment.
    I have been using them for about a year now.

    My account has been reviewed a couple of times but everything in the clear.

    Not like adsense, made my first $100 and they cancelled my account,

    Adsense is the main fraudster in my eyes, I would`nt mind knowing where the money goes when they cancel your account, I bet the paying advertiser does`nt get it back or credited back to their account.
  7. sa7li1968

    sa7li1968 New Member

    me I made 330 $ in week before adsense cancelled my account without reasons ! shame on g00gle
  8. mattie005

    mattie005 New Member

    The reason google ban your account is because you have broken the rules in some way, so really its your own fault!
  9. sa7li1968

    sa7li1968 New Member


    what should I do if some bad people (rival supporters) made clics on our site/forum :confused4


  10. Gigarocket

    Gigarocket UFO Hunter NLC

    Thats what i thought myself, I read throught there Terms and conditions but is done not outline abuse on your site.

    And i bet theres eceptions made for biggers sites, So its one set of rules for one and a set of rules for others.

    Wait til a big scandal hits them, Im sueing.

    Ps, I still love their search engine :)
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2007
  11. In my experience Google is quite fair with their rules. They do not look for excuses to ban you. But if you click on of your own ads, they will ban you quickly.
    Edit: I consider bidvertiser to be a scam. They seem to be fond of banning accounts just before payout.
  12. T^2

    T^2 [-] NLC

    Google is not a scam...if it were a scam, google stocks would not be worth $471 USD per share.

    Read the rules and stick to them like glue. If you can't deal with it then don't use it. But don't make dumb comments like "google is a scam/fraud!" or "adsense took my money cuz they didn't want to pay me! :("
  13. JonnyH

    JonnyH The Hosting Tool NLC

    Bidvertiser are NOT a scam. We use them and they give pretty decent rates.
  14. Gigarocket

    Gigarocket UFO Hunter NLC

    I totally agree.


    Contact them and tell them your a free web hosting provider and to look upon multiple clicks as spam when they review your account, if your honest with them they will return the favour.
  15. sa7li1968

    sa7li1968 New Member

    but they don't pay well :tired2:

    21 clics = $0.53 very poor :cry2:
  16. bukz

    bukz New Member

    I dropped BidVertiser. I was using their ads for some time and I only earned $2.31... and their ads are nowhere near relevant, and most are pharmaceutical/gambling ads.
  17. Sam2000

    Sam2000 New Member

    BidAdvertiser is wierd. They don't rotate their ads enough. They display the same unattractivie ads..
  18. Richard

    Richard CRM Consultant Premium Member

    BidVertiser dropped our account $0.20ish before the payout. We contacted support, no reply.

    I would never recommend them, or use them again.
  19. themoose

    themoose Sup, Recoil here. NLC

    But then again all of the ad networks are very tight on ToS, I didn't even do anything wrong and google adsense deducted $372 from my account.
  20. sa7li1968

    sa7li1968 New Member

    I said before and i repeat it , even google ads. not to trust anymore

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