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Bidvertiser - Fraud or not?

Discussion in 'Ad Revenue' started by X3r0X, May 2, 2005.

  1. Reider

    Reider New Member

    I am using Bidvertiser right now and have OVER $10 on my balance that they owe me. Minimum payout is $10. I am not sure how long they take to pay out, but I havn't received payment yet.
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2007
  2. Reider

    Reider New Member

    You seem to have quite the issue with google for some reason??
  3. sa7li1968

    sa7li1968 New Member

    yes as they suspended my account without any reasons :confused4 430 $ in 7 day's gone with wind
  4. Reider

    Reider New Member

    Yeah? What's the URL to your website if I may ask?
  5. sa7li1968

    sa7li1968 New Member

  6. Reider

    Reider New Member

    Thanks, nice website and forum you have there!
    $430 in 7 days is really good. It makes me wonder if perhaps a visitor clicked the ads multiple times and google just assumed that you got them to do it.
  7. sa7li1968

    sa7li1968 New Member

    and what's if the rival (ennemies) supporters team have clicked so many times just to kick as out :tired2:
  8. themoose

    themoose Sup, Recoil here. NLC

    ^ Exactly the conversation I'm having with Google Adsense right now. This needs to change.
  9. Reider

    Reider New Member

    No doubt... their policy is fairly well known these days. If you piss someone off, they can place many multiple clicks on your site and put your fate in googles' hands.

    They should have proof that you put someone up to the multiple clicks or else just not count the multiple clicks and call it a day instead of giving publishers the boot so easily. All it takes is for one a-hole who dislikes you or your website to ruin it for you.
  10. john874

    john874 New Member

    Google adsense is the best followed by bidvertiser. I say followed by bidvertiser because they are the only 2 that you wanted to know about. If there were more like YPN aswell then it would have been Google, YPN and then followed by bidvertiser. lol
  11. Reider

    Reider New Member

    Just for everyone's information, I got paid by Bidvertiser.. they are a-okay in my books.
  12. john874

    john874 New Member

    I've been doing affiliate marketing for over 6 years and can clearly say that Google beats bidvertiser hands down. That's just my opinion though.
  13. sng

    sng New Member

    Sound like someone been asking friends to click and refresh the page every hour... :evilb:
  14. GlennBeforeTime

    GlennBeforeTime Why is Dan Back!! NLC

    lol I had the same problem.

    It was kinda unfair.
  15. [JSH]John

    [JSH]John JSHosts.com NLC

    I tried bidvertiser a while ago, I made pretty much nothing using it. Using google I've managed to get a few pay outs.
  16. Web Cave

    Web Cave New Member

    i got banned from google because someone clicked my ads over 400 times they hated me :S so i signed up for bidvertiser and i only have $8.73 for the past 12 days so i dunno :confused4
  17. Web Cave

    Web Cave New Member

    little update on this bidvertiser banned me for no reason at all so ....
  18. Jan

    Jan Forum Cleaner NLC

    Seems a bit of a worry that two ad companies kicked you. They don't do it for "nothing".
  19. sep

    sep Well-Known Member NLC

    Open a support ticket with them and invite them to elaborate why they banned you on these forums. They have an account here and have posted in threads about their company before.
  20. Robert

    Robert NLC NLC

    I'd consider bidvertiser a fraud.

    Here's why:

    I signed up for their service and added their banner exchange code to my site. Everything was great. It was generating leads and all. About a week later I could no longer access my account. Kept telling me my username/password was invalid. I exchanged e-mails with their support team for another week, and still couldn't access my account. They kept telling me that they had no problem accessing my account so it must be my computer. I tried on a multiple computers at home, work and school. Still was unable to access my account.

    In the end I asked them to just terminate the account, which they did and I lost any sales earned up to that point.

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