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Officially Old!
Paging Cameron - NetX - get yer **** in here!

Okay so what gives - an email and a site message that seem to differ quite a lot!

E-mail verification link is a 404, and a couple of other direct contradictions.

Over to you mate, what gives before I lift another finger doing anything on the VPS with NetX!
I'm here ;)

Just having a few problems with the main server atm, what can I help with? ;)

EDIT: Problem is: (LSN live chat)

Kris Anderson: Hello Cameron, how can I help you?
Cameron Hicks: Hi There, could you please tell me if there are any current network problems?
Kris Anderson: Our network detection system has detected a massive amount of traffic on our inbound routes.
Kris Anderson: Our team is localizing the issue.
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Well, i was informed via email yesterday but only got it today.

This is an email for all NetXCorporate customers (NetXServers, FiveMinuteVPS, ConnectHost). If you are not a customer of these companies, please ignore this email.
Hey there! 
This is Cameron Hicks here from NetXCorporate.
First of all, I would like to personally thank you for being a great customer to us over the time we have been around. It has been a great experience for me, and all the NetXCorporate staff.

The main point of this email, is that I, Cameron Hicks am, as of 8PM, NZDT local time, stepping down from the CEO/Head of operations position of NetXCorporate. All staff of NetXCorporate (James, Chris, Dylan, Eric, Peter, Milos, M.T and Matthew) are also stepping down. Now this email probably comes as a surprise to most who knew me, but I will explain the reason behind this.

This time last week, I would not have considered such a move but since then, a few things have happened which I have felt would negatively affected you as a customer if I had continued in my current position. Firstly, the negative reviews. Lately people who have not ever been customers or people who are in fact competitors have started to post false information about our services to drive away customers. This in itself is not a problem. We don’t do it for the customers or the money, but over the last 2 weeks, there has been a few rumors about me personally. None of which of these rumors are true of course, but once again done by either competitors or people just out to get our business. The latest rumor states that I am: ‘A 13 year old, which hacks servers and email bomb’s people to try and get customers, whilst hacking into users PayPal accounts and taking their money’. I would like to reiterate, that this is NOT true. We would not have survived as a company if such a rumor was true, and if I was 13, I would not have any time to spend on this company, so it would in effect, go to ruins.

This, although annoying, is not the main reason for stepping down from my position. Our servers have been under constant DDoS attacks, being hacked and we are constantly getting threats, that if I don’t leave something bad will happen.  This is why I have decided to step down, for the good of you, the customer. I will still be acting as a support/sales representative for NetXCorporate/PC-Core for the next 1 month after which I will no longer be involved with the company. 

As of tonight at 8PM NZDT local time, we will be entering into a merger with PC-Core.net. I have made arrangements so that all clients will stay on their current VPS’s, with the same IP’s etc. You will still receive the same level of support you received with us, but with the added bonus, it’ll be available 24/7. You will notice new support links after the merger, tonight at 8PM. All subscriptions to current services will be canceled, meaning you will have to re-create your subscription on your next payment, or choose the manual payment option. All billing will be done through PC-Core later in the month, so you will no longer be paying NetXCorporate. After the merger, orders of new VPS's may be canceled, so if you are thinking of ordering more, don't wait! 

From myself and all the staff here at NetXCorporate, we thank you for ordering with us, and being a customer of ours. We hope you continue to enjoy your services, and good luck with your web mastering/web hosting (Or whatever you use our services for!)
If you would like to contact me, you can do so at Cameron@computerxpert.biz. This email will be active until September 1st 2008.
You can verify the validity of this email at www.netxcorporate.com/finalmail.html.

Cameron Hicks
Former CEO/Head of Operations
A few announcements Cameron and I'm not sure which one(s) to take onboard.
An e-mail, alledgedly from yourself.
An announcement on NetXservers
2 on one WHT post (mentioned above - curtesy hostbynet)

And no actual 'official' notification from either party that is, again, apparently involved.

Now I'm in advance with my payments (credit on my account to avoid the whole GeekRack "your a day late" situation) to the sum of $30, can I get that refunded?
I didn't sign up for PC Core, and after looking at their services/plans I don't want to at the moment (bad timing too as the VPS was about to be upgraded to cope with an already improving site that it was taken on for.)

So what's the 'official' word? I'd appreciate knowing rather quickly as the VPS is paid till 10th and no invoice for next payment received as yet (won't really want to renew if the move is correct, and will obviously require notice to move everything (again).

Don't be a stranger and visit soon :D
Thanks :)

But it was just getting really annoying. I'll eventually be back, but next time, I'll make sure to register as a company before I start, as there is no way I can prove how old I am (Except giving out my ID publicly, which would be stupid ;))

I was going to put this in announcements but it's already been done :D
Thanks for the explanation Cameron.

And thank you for serving me over the past new months and your great support :)

PM'ming me probably would work a lot better ;)

  • The NetX announcement is true, but that was a while ago, only dealing with a small amount of customers.
  • Email was from me ;)
  • The WHT post looks pretty much like the above 2 announcements mixed together :p

Now, you will have to contact PC-Core for credit (Or PM me and I'll forward it), as i'm not really authorized for that anymore. I have made arrangements that everyone will stay on the same servers, same plans, same prices if that worries you. You should be able to upgrade if you would like to as well ;)

Just let me know if I can help with anything else :)
Thanks for being a good CEO and supportive CEO at a time like this.
I know people that would say something along the line of "stfu, i don't run it anymore".

So for those idiots whom think Cameron is 13; Please, if you are reading then get a life. We don't want you.

Good luck in the future.
Thanks Cameron, PM'ing doesn't give you the chance to answer the same question to many that might want to ask it :)

So is PC-Core going to contact its 'new' clients or do we have to chase them?

One reason I don't fancy staying with them - they're late in telling anyone what's happening, and that could seriously effect services to clients (me being the one in question I'm most concerned about right now) and incur a large amount of work to sort out.

Realistically for the credit just have NetX refund it, gives me 3 days to get another setup, processed today (PayPal) would be nice to allow a new one to be purchased - I know it's short notice, but then so is the move and 3 days is just about time to get it done without any outage noticable.

This is not meant to reflect on you or any other member of either NetX or PC-Core, but I like to make my own decisions :wink2:

Keep in touch Cameron, and don't tell them the last bit I told you on your VPS template for CentOS :lol:
Unfortunately http://www.netxcorporate.com now directs to PC-Core so billing/support/etc. is not accessible to request it and I don't have any details from PC-Core to login and do sod all :confused4

So back to either NetXservers or PC-Core to contact their clients (in this case me!) maybe Cody Salter would like to actually communicate with his 'new clients' :tired2:

I'm here, didn't realize this thread was still active :)

Now, PC-Core I think are going to contact everyone, but after everything is finalized. We are still awaiting a move from servers and 5MVPS is at the bottom of the pile and I'm partially managing it at the moment.

Now, I don't know who re-directed it to PC-Core.net, but I can be reached at cameron [at] computerxpert [dot] biz and I'll help as much as possible.

As I don't have access to the PayPal account, and I haven't seen Cody today, you may want to contact them directly although I think they intent to follow the current TOS which may leave you out of luck with that :(

Either way, good luck :)