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Every comms seem to be - what's the problem I don't know...

I don't know

That part is correct (not a direct quote but interpretation).

Seems they just buy hosts and let them down, does that seem strange, hmm.

Anyway last email was from, wait for it;

PC-Core Quality Assuranc

Quality slipped on spelling before it even got off the ground, then;

Hi Rickie,

I hear you have been having some problems with support or billing and as quality assurance I want to make sure the nature of this is resolved. Can you let me know the full details on this issue and I will see what I can do for you, even if it includes a free month hosting if deemed necessary.

Kind Regards,
Thomas Hancock

That was the 16th, replied with the reasons AGAIN, and nowt since then.

Really the amounts of money over the past several months hosting companies have taken without providing from me personally is small in the grand scheme, but it does show the complete disrespect they have for clients in general.

Also seems client databases being handed around is a seasonal fashion too.
Also seems client databases being handed around is a seasonal fashion too.

That is why when you are a host you should never give more access than what is needed for a person to do there job

Decker look at it this way. Your luck is bound to get better with hosts :p
Decker look at it this way. Your luck is bound to get better with hosts :p

You would think wouldn't you... Seems like putting your trust in some people is a big mistake and they should be treated the same way the previous person treated you - or is that too synical?

Daily update - nada, surprise!!!
Daily update just for the hell of it - see if you can guess...

Another one where they all bail out and take no responsibility for their actions, I'm very dissapointed in certain people.

Here's a good one where they just cancel a server because their billing system is stuffed, without checking properly first.

Decker, you are truly a bad-lucked fellow. Second time something like this happens -almost exactly like the previous time-.

BTW, just checking in 2 things:

a) "We did not hear back from Burst" -- Taken from WHT Post.
"BurstNET" + "We did not hear back from them". We all love to hear this kind of stuff, don't we?

b) How come Cody Salter (from PC-Core) is a Premium Member at WHT, but cannot get in touch with you to help you? :S
Well still nothing back from anyone concerned, so I can only assume it's a bail out and don't speak to the client - again.

So everyone can take from that what they will regarding the reliability and professionalism of the involved 'companies' & individuals.
If I worked at PC-Core, I would be hiding under my shell right now too. The employees are too incompetent and probably are too overwhelmed with not only their own clients but the clients they bought out from several different companies.

This is still pretty serious because if they can't refund a client $30, what is going to happen if they deal with a problem 5x worse than this?

But thats my 2 cents, I think their staff is too overwhelmed, plus most of the staff are incompetent to say the least.

How many clients do they have? Hundreds? Thousands?

I bet they have a staff to client ratio of 1:200
Even better, they still have my WHMCS details active on their systems after being told a week ago to remove all details from their systems as they were not authorised by me to hold these details.

How trustworthy is a 'company' that just hangs onto someones data, after being told catagorically to remove it?

Comms trail; Cody on the 9th - Thomas on the 16th, Cameron has bailed on any more follow up as far as I know.
Nope! I'm here Decker.

Can I have your PayPal address again (Sorry, wiped PM's) so I can refund you?
:eek3: Bloody hell, resent Cameron

Hope I can post one good guy out of all this bloody mess Cody & co. left in their wake :devious2:
And can confirm paid - well done mate, now getting the knobs at PC-Core to confirm they have removed my details but that's not your prob - that's mine now :wink2:

Good result confirmed and Cameron way up on the trust meter :)
Bout bloody time :D and got a good exchange rate $30 - £15.01 after PP charge taken, not bad...

Cameron back in the good guys club :)

Now what catagory does Cody fit into then???
Cameron back in the good guys club :)

Now what catagory does Cody fit into then???

He is in the your honorable host club with GeekRack and Jewlzk

PC-Core should be in there too, remember Cameron was the one who refunded you, and I believe Cameron is not directly associated to PC-Core.

BTW, they still have my billing info too! I can never get a hold of them and I keep getting overdue invoice e-mails after CODY told me that he deleted me as a client.

Well PC-Core sent me invoice and confirmation of payment this morning :/

Not good on the protection of information situation is it!
Just gets better and better !!

Love the way the 'owner' took nothing to do with resolving the issue...

Everybody bailed on it and the one left to deal is on 'vacation', alledgedly.

They seem to be the company that won't commit to an answer or an action - unless it's to charge you money of course and they seem to lurve to share clients information around anyone and everyone.
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