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What is Best Support Ticket System?

I would go for the new Kayako v4, it has a unique and modern interface now and it can attract customers with ease as well as the integration options to modules such as WHMCS
I personal use whmcs just because it is all in one with the billing system. However, I did use kayako at one point and it had a much nicer interface but was also pretty expensive.
I use WHCMS for last few years and they have everything you need on one place. Also their support is great if you need something to fix or modify. Also we tried others software like kayako but at end we stay with WHMCS.
Currently we use WHMCS for billing and an older Kayako for support. However, due to the change in licensing with Kayako we will shortly be moving to full WHMCS.
we currently learning of using sugar ticket system. I feel it more flexible than the zoho ticketing .It able to manage well in ticketing which more fair to all employees to work on same amount of tickets.
AJ Helpdesk is the best SAAS web based helpdesk software with robust ticket support.

AJ Helpdesk - Web based Helpdesk Software

I know this thread is a little old...

But i do not, and never will do forced branding.

AJ Help Desk is Forced Branding.

I think the worst company of all that has become totally greedy is Kayako....

As recent as last year, you could have bought their complete package for like $499
then I think they went to like $599, now its v4 (which few like) and now like $1500.00

I recently asked kayako why they thought their complete package was even work that
kind of money, and of course their response was something like, well we have an awesome
product, and we have put massive research in our product to offer our clients the best
support software possible, bla, bla...

I sent them an email back saying they are retarded, and they were not the only
company that does extensive research on their products, and they do not raise
their rates by 500% - after all, what are we talking about? Support software?
how much can you actually improve on software that is designed for support?

I can understand if the software was a major part of my website functions, but kayako
is not a major function, but it is secondary at best to offer support solutions, and thats it....

These days kayako charges $499 to remove their footer, who does that?

I just do not think Kayako Support Suite is worth the perceived value that they
say it is, after all, we are talking about support, chat, and really nothing more....

These business owners are so damn high these days. They think once someone
buys their script, then they should somewhat own you from then on out.

AJ Help Desk is $399, and they want lifetime branding on your website.....

These people are not happy just selling to you, they want to force themselves on you
also, either with forced branding, or charging you for a script/brand removal that it
is just so high that does not make much sense, and makes you want to vomit....

So AJ Help Desk and Kayao lost my business.

Sorry AJ, I do not allow forced branding. You are not getting a lifetime ride on my site, ever.

Sorry Kayako...your script/branding removal are so high. Its not that i can not afford
it, I just do not see the worth or value in something that is that high, i just can not
place a high value on something that is merely used for support purposes.

Its to bad their "extentive research" did not show them how bad v4 is...I have always
been a fan of v3 and wish I got it last year when I was offered to buy it...I have seen
several dislike comments regarding v4 - To bad they did not actually ask their clients...

compaines seem to spend lots of money on market research, then ignore their own clients...
Rentacoder.com did the exact same thing, everyone after everyone told the owner they
did not like vworker.com, but he ignored them anyway...I guess market research are
smarter then actual buying customers. I agreed also, I think vWorker.com sucks.

Its not the end of the world if you do not use these greedy link grabing compaines.
There are free solutions out there that you can do, and it is unfor they are forcing
people to use below avg free products, but in the end; I am not going to die
by using a free support solution. Let them drown in their own cess-pool of greed.

Dont feel bad guys, we let OPEC, and China rip us off everyday, and
not many people seem to do anything about it, and obama sits on his ---.
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I won't quote the above post because it's too long, but I would have to say that I highly agree with you. I hate branding as well and I always opt to pay the extra money to remove it. It makes for easier integration and a better overall look and feel. (I purchased the owned license with no branding for WHMCS and I am very glad that I did.) I have recently been looking into support solutions as the built in ticket options of WHMCS are nice, but just leave something to be desired. Several of my colleagues have suggested Kayako so I checked it out. I can sum it up in just two words... TOO EXPENSIVE. I researched them a while back and their prices were not NEARLY as high as they are now, but back then my company was not large enough to justify the cost of a separate support software. Now that it is, Kayako will NOT be getting any of my money. There's no way in hell that I am going to fork over that kind of cash. Just not gonna happen. They've became too greedy.
PerlDesk is nice, if you are a small company. It is VERY slow if you have alot of people answering tickets, and have a large client base with alot of tickets in the system.
I personally like WHMCS. It's cost can be a bit high sometimes, especially for a startup company, but they mean it when they say "complete solution." It creates virtually anything automatically upon initial payment, be it for web hosting, VPSes, SHOUTcast hosting, etc... and not to mention, when people open a ticket, it will have their account details right above the ticket so that you know where to look. You can also make private staff notes, create other staff members with limited permissions, and there's all kinds of neat statistic reporting you can go through to see how to change your business tactics.
PerlDesk is nice, if you are a small company. It is VERY slow if you have alot of people answering tickets, and have a large client base with alot of tickets in the system.

I would check your server then because BurstNet has PerlDesk and i know they got LOADS of tickets and I have never had a issue with it.

I like WHMCS support system but if you don't like it you can have Kayako with WHMCS... Also WHMCS offers Live Chat now aswell.
WHMCS definitly has the best support system, if you want a free support system, you could use The Hosting Tool. It works great! :D