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Recent content by mshiva

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    Opera 9.50b2

    I'm an Opera fanatic, but I myself do not like 9.5b2, earlier previews were more stable, anyway Firefox Beta is much more unstable.
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    PLEASE help me choose a pet fish.

    I love goldfishes, but they dont survive for long under my handling! And, snakes?! No chance, my mom would kick me outa home. Cats, I will try. But they are more troublesome than fishes, aren't they?
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    PLEASE help me choose a pet fish.

    I am very fond of pet fishes. I love to grow a fish in a bowl at my table, they make me cheerful when I am at serious study. Actually, we have had many, really many, goldfishes and other tiny fishes, in a tank and most of them died, though some could live for a little more than a year. :cry2...
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    Theist, Agnostic, Atheist..

    Theist can't change me...
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    I Get Crap Because I Like Apple!

    I too am an Apple fan. They really make beautiful products, because they have "taste". Dont worry, only the old who just got used to the strange and plain Windows GUI, refuse to change. I am 16 years old, and I too did get such people poking fun on me. Just dont mind, who are these people...
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    I am a vintage addict!

    I mean, I would pay the charges.
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    I am a vintage addict!

    Thank you, but I live in India. Is it possible for you to ship it? And I have a genuine Windows 98 SE(not actually mine, but my father's). So it would be best to use Win98, also because I have to use my wireless router to connect the thing with my primary PC.
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    I am a vintage addict!

    Recently, I have become an addict to vintage computers. As its my vacation, I have a lot of time to mess with these computers (really, it is fun to torture these old comps). So, I purchased an old computer, with: Celeron 600Mhz 64MB SDRAM 5GB HDD I also have an Windows 98 SE disk lying...
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    OMG Microsoft Giving Free software

    But, I have seen that these versions are very buggy, just like the Express Editions.
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    I too dont find any difference. Thats why I use Opera.
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    Is it legal to...

    Thanks for your replies. And yes, nobody would want to have Win95 as their primary OS. But, it is fun to see how things were at that time, though. Thanks again...
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    Is it legal to...

    Sorry if I sound stupid... As all of us know that Microsoft ended support for all their operating systems till Windows XP SP1, I have a grave doubt. Does this mean we can freely distribute copies of Windows 95 or 98 to our friends? Though not many would take these even if one gives them...
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    XP Login Screen / Logon Issue

    An easier way is to use TweakUIXP.
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    FireFox 3 Beta

    tried it, but it is not as sweet as Opera
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    Netscape Navigator

    You can change Opera's theme to you Windows theme easily. [Shift+F12 --> Windows native] Anyway if not Opera and Firefox, the only option is Safari. K-Melo is very untidy.